Car Hire in Tours

Car Hire in Tours

Thinking of hiring a car in Tours? Having access to your own vehicle while in the area will give you the liberty to explore the surrounding countryside, known as the Touraine. Whether for the day, the weekend, or a longer period, hiring a car in Tours will make your trip easier, and by booking online in advance you will secure preferential rates.

Weekends Away in Tours

Tours and the surrounding area have plenty to occupy you for a weekend away. If you arrive at Tours Loire Valley airport from the UK it's easy to hire a car direct from the terminal. A full range of minis, electric cars and luxury vehicles are available in both manual and automatic - perfect for couples! Known as the Garden of France, Tours has multiple lush parks, romantic bridges over the Loire, a beautiful cathedral, and a quaint Old Town.

Cheap Car Hire in Tours

If you're on a budget, car hire can still make sense. Book online to save 10%, and there are also amazing weekend and long-term car hire deals available. Drive around the Touraine's famous vineyards, and see the many beautiful châteaux that surround the city. As Tours is located in central France, it's not far from Paris either, and a cheap day trip in your car to the capital is very possible.

Luxury Car Hire in Tours

If you're in town for a wedding or another special occasion, you might want to consider luxury car hire. With luxury Mercedes Classe E and similar vehicles available, you can spend the weekend in style.

Enterprise Car Hire in Tours

Enterprise have excellent customer service - we can even pick you up! With a range of cars and vans from compacts to station wagons available in Tours, we've got you covered, no matter what your budget or the occasion.