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Business Rental FAQs

 Our Frequently Asked Questions

In Germany, Enterprise offers a variety of solutions to meet your total transportation needs, whether you’re looking for short or long-term rentals either locally or internationally.

For international travellers, we’ve combined Enterprise’s network with the speed and control of National’s Emerald Club programme, where members bypass the counter to get on their way faster. No matter which you choose, your business receives great service, value, convenience, and a flexible, efficient and comprehensive business rental solution.

Please see below FAQs or click here to speak to an expert.

Business Rental Questions, answered:

Our customer-centric approach ensures that we have the branch locations, technologies, vehicle range, rental periods, products and account management to put the right vehicle in the right place at the right time to support the mobility needs of our customers and their travelling employees.

We recommend booking National Car Rental at our airport and railway station locations and Enterprise Rent-A-Car at our local branches. Don’t forget to use your Emerald Club number when booking with either brand, so you can enjoy benefits such as faster rentals and rewards at locations around the world.

Should you need to amend/extend or cancel a future reservation that has not yet started, you can do this through the means you used to create the reservation. Should you need to amend or extend a live rental, please contact the rental branch.

We offer a wide selection of vehicles from small cars to minibuses and large vans. Our Business Rental Programme can be customised to your company’s specific needs when it comes to the vehicles offered and ancillaries included.

This will depend on the set-up of your business rental account and what country you are renting in. We can work with your company to determine what payment method works best and will implement as agreed. If your company uses AirPlus then we can support settlements by AirPlus Company Accounts – to learn more about how it works and learn about our expansive global coverage, please click here

To enquire about your invoice, you can reach out to the branch that you rented the vehicle from, your account manager, or alternatively we have dedicated business support teams in each country to provide the help that is required to resolve your queries. These details will be communicated in the welcome details that you will receive upon signing up with us/implementation.

For accounts that qualify, your account details will be sent to you upon opening of the account. We can then provide you with secure, password-protected booking methods to book car hire on your account.

Drivers always have to sign the rental agreement, except if the driver is an Emerald Club member who has signed a Master Rental Agreement renting at a participating location.

he so-called "milometre reimbursement" is often available in companies when a private vehicle is used for a business trip. The car is therefore owned by an employee and not by the company. Kilometre reimbursement can pose a risk to companies if the company and / or employees are not aware of the level of responsibility involved. Here you can find out more about how you can minimise the risks of kilometre reimbursement.

In Germany, there is usually no mileage limit for day rentals. However, this may vary depending on the contractual terms of your corporate account. All mileage limits will be discussed with your account manager when they are set up.

We allow vehicles to be taken one-way however there may be costs associated with this, depending on your corporate account contract.

Enterprise and National allow additional drivers to be included on rentals (subject to age/car class restrictions), however there may be costs associated with this depending on the terms of your corporate account contract. When renting with National, Emerald Club members can benefit from additional drivers automatically included in rentals at participating locations.

Today and every day, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in the industry. Now more than ever, our customers and employees deserve to know we stand behind that commitment with the Complete Clean Pledge. We pledge to go above and beyond our already rigorous cleaning protocols, including strict sanitising procedures and particular attention to over 20 high-touch points, to protect the health and safety of all. Find out more here.

We operate in more than 100 markets around the world. Find a location near you here.

Yes, we work with all major TMCs and many Travel Agencies around the world.

Our account management varies based on the size of your account and level of spend. Depending on the level of your agreement, your account manager can support by providing new ideas and solutions to cover your mobility needs.

We strive to honour the people, communities and environment our business touches, which is why we’ve invested in numerous initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability wherever possible. You can find out more about our global sustainability and initiatives here.

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