The Enterprise Effect

With our service the good feeling is included.

Lights, camera, action for fantastic customer service: in the first TV campaign for Enterprise in Germany, all the problems disappear with soft rock. Because when our employees show what really good service is, the car rental station becomes a stage for that really great feeling. Curtain up for Leo Sayer! With his world hit ‘When I Need You’, Leo Sayer expresses the same feeling that our customers have when they experience our employees’ service: pure satisfaction. That’s not to be taken for granted, especially with customers who are difficult to impress. Do we manage it all the same? See for yourself!

'No way!'

Compromises are not for tough rock bands. Especially not when it’s about their image. That’s a real challenge for Enterprise. And for perhaps the greatest soft rocker of all time: Leo Sayer.


How do you bring indescribable service to the big TV stage? Take a look behind the scenes.


Your adventure begins here.

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