What is the Mileage/Kilometer Policy?


Mileage/Kilometer limits are set to accommodate the needs of most renters. In order to determine your mileage/kilometer limitations from a specific location, you will need to begin the reservation process on enterprise.com.

  • Once you have selected the pick-up location, dates of rental and size of the vehicle, the system will give you the mileage/kilometer limitations for this rental if you select "See Details" under the price quote.
  • You will need to enter your name and email address in order to see pricing and mileage restrictions, but this does not lock you into a reservation. You will have the option to confirm or cancel the reservation.

Mileage/Kilometers allowed can and will be different based on:

  • What country and what part of that country you want to pick up the vehicle
  • When you want to pick up the vehicle
  • What size vehicle you would like to rent

North American Locations:

  • United States: Mileage will be unlimited within the renting state and typically within the surrounding border states. When booking online, you may view any restrictions once a location and vehicle size have been selected.
  • Canada: Kilometers will usually be unlimited within the province of rental. If the location allows travel outside of the province, kilometers will be restricted. When booking online, you may view the kilometer restrictions once you have selected a location to rent from.

European Locations:

  • United Kingdom: Mileage will typically be unlimited throughout the UK. Please see specific location for mileage restrictions for travel to Ireland and Northern Ireland. All vehicles must be returned to Mainland UK.
  • Ireland: Kilometers will usually be unlimited within Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • Germany: Typically, kilometers will be unlimited within Germany. Kilometers are restricted if leaving Germany and vehicles can only leave Germany with prior written approval from the renting location. See the renting location for specific restrictions.