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If Munster was a person, it’d be your young hipster cousin, who wears vintage Chanel. Cosmopolitan, vibrant and rich in history, this university community offers all the beauty you can manage. Its stories are told through the historical Prizipalmarkt, its charming gabled halls, and its “Church Across the Water.” Historical tourists can immerse themselves in the baroque architecture and military districts. Stroll through the dockside clubs and restaurants before taking a road trip through its galleries and independent art exhibitions. The Pablo Picasso Museum is a highlight, but its contemporary art scene is almost as thrilling. Its weekend market is one of the best in the country, serving Dutch delicacies and fresh artisanal foods. Munster locals are bike-happy, so keep an eye out for pedalling people sharing the road. This city is snuggled on a river and its settlements are widely spread out, so you’ll need your Enterprise Rent-A-Car to enjoy the sights. There is no better way to travel at your own pace, particularly if you don’t want to waste precious holiday time arranging insurance, licenses and other paperwork.

Cheap car hire at Munster

If you are looking for cheap car hire at Munster then you are in the right place. Have a browse through what our branch pages have to offer. From economy cars to premium cars we can provide exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for short term or long term rental Enterprise can provide it.

Munster has many sights to visit and things to explore which why having a car is the best way to make sure you see all the best bits Munster has to offer. Start your journey with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

One way car-hire

Are you looking for one-way car hire? Enterprise Rent-A-Car has exactly what you are looking for! You can choose from a wide range of vehicles which include economy, SUVs and people carriers. This great service provided is great if you are planning a road trip across the city or even country or even when moving house and you want to save yourself time and stress. Book today with Enterprise!

Free pick up services

Do you need to get picked up? No problem at all, Enterprise offers a free pick up service during normal business hours. Pick-ups are done by the first non-airport location within 10 miles of your location. Once you have been picked up and you are back at the office, a Enterprise rental representative will complete your paper work and have you on the road in no time so you can start your holiday. To book this service and schedule your pick up time please call you local rental office directly.

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Enterprise offers car hire worldwide and with numerous branch locations it has never been this convenient. Whether it's for holiday, a business trip or to move goods, Enterprise can accommodate your needs. Offering short and long term hire, look no further. Receive the best customer service for a great price and book with Enterprise Rent-A-Car today.