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Harburg was once the capital of Lower Saxony, but its past goes back thousands of years. In the early 20th century, it was part of Hanoverian Prussia. Its wealth of historical artefacts and architecture makes it perfect for themed tours. Rent a car so that you can thoroughly immerse yourself in the past at your own pace. The Archaeological Museum will carry you all the way to the Paleolithic era. It has more pre-historic finds than any other museum in the world, so it shouldn’t be missed. If you prefer your history to be more recent, Harburg Castle will carry you into the mediaeval times. It's right on the water’s edge, making it an idyllic spot for water sports. At heart, the borough is a cultural hub best experienced at the Cultural Train Station and Station Art Society. The iconic Romantic Road will show you scenery that seems to come straight out of a storybook. There’s an Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch to the east of the Neulander Sea on Grobmoorbogen 15. A range of vehicles from vans to exotic cars is on offer, and the roads are pleasantly uncluttered.

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