UEFA Europa League Sponsorship

UEFA Sponsorship

UEFA Sponsorship


Enterprise’s UEFA Europa League sponsorship continues apace

For us, football isn’t just about turning up to a few matches. It’s about the journeys you take - with your team, friends, family and fellow fans watching the highs, lows, near misses and glorious goals that every season of the sport brings.

The UEFA Europa League has been an incredible adventure so far, with Sevilla winning their third title in a row in 2016. We’re thrilled to be a sponsor, sharing every step of the way with the most passionate supporters in the world.

Head over to the official match calendar on UEFA.com to keep up to date on everything UEFA Europa League 2016/17, throughout the season

What striving together for European glory sounds like

Let the official UEFA Europa League Anthem take you all the way through this season.

Go beyond the game

Last season’s Final took place in the beautiful Swiss city of Basel. If you’re looking for an adventure, there’s so much to discover in there. Make the most of your trip with our in-depth local info and inspiring articles. Created by insiders, they’ll help give your travel plans a truly unique twist.

Find even more inspiration for your journey here.

Come back soon for inspirational ideas at this year’s Final host city of Stockholm.

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Go beyond the game

Helping you get to every game

We’ve got a fleet of over 170,000 vehicles waiting in the wings to transport you to wherever your team may triumph this season – to all four corners of the continent if needs be – and we’ll always be on hand to help you explore the hidden gems that lie beyond the game.


Enjoy 5% off car hire throughout Europe.

Whether you’re gearing up for the game or you’re in it for longer, be assured that we’re going above and beyond to bring fans the service they deserve.